"Apricot Stone" (Armenian: Ծիրանի Կորիզ), a song by Armenian-Russian singer Eva Rivas, was the Armenian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 held in Oslo, Norway. The song was written by two former Eurovision songwriters: Armen Martirosyan, composer of "Without Your Love", the first Armenian Eurovision entry by André; and Karen Kavaleryan, six-time lyricist for five different countries. The arrangement was provided by nationally recognized arranger and record producer Ara Torosyan.

The song featured the duduk played by famous Armenian `dudukahar' Djivan Gasparyan, the oldest person ever to feature in a Eurovision Song Contest performance. The instrument is traditionally made of apricot wood.

The apricot, known in Armenia since ancient times, has long been held as an emblem of the country which has been called "The motherland of the apricot."

Some have interpreted the lyrics of Apricot Stone to have a political message about the Armenian Genocide.Later in France, Armenian representative gave a speech confirming this claim.


Chart (2010) Peak
Swiss Singles Chart 54

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